Afforestation Beautification Using Okanese

This is a multi-year project that Offset Green / GEOC have been involved with to illustrate the benefits that can be obtained using the Okanese. This is a broad project that will cover: 1. Green Space Beautification or Yard Beautification Using Afforestation 2. Afforestation Plot Management and Illustration of Growth and Park Like Qualities Obtained 3. Carbon Credit Aggregation Potential of Carbon Storage of Okanese Hybrid Poplars 4. Alternative Energy Potential, With Complete Sustainability 5. Regeneration Of The Okanese Illustrated This will be a Photo Rich Post Expect Some Load Time. The project was conducted on our property in Red Deer County, just outside Sylvan Lake Alberta Canada. This concept project was conducted using a country residential area. It can be adapted to any size location and style, anywhere, urban or rural. Our primary focus in marketing this concept is 5 to ten acre parcels in combination with Global Emissions Offset … [Continue reading]

Green Partners

Hybrid Poplar Offset Green

GEOC and OFFSET GREEN Partner To Develop Eco Friendly Green Projects Offset Green Hybrid Poplar Offset Green Hybrid Poplar Offset Green has been developing and building up the nursery of seed stock Okanese trees they have to supply the Green … [Continue reading]

Reforestation Is Imperative To Stave Off Carbon Footprints

offset green 2

Carbon footprints are those things that we do to the Earth that cause damage to the environment. Every person has their own contributing carbon print on this Earth, with very few ways to counteract them. The only way of successfully staving off the … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Deforestation to Reduce Global Emissions

afforestation GEOC

There is a reason why the carbon footprint has gained so much recognition from the scientific community over the past decade. Everything that we, as humans do on Earth has an effect on the overall environment. Each of us has our own “carbon … [Continue reading]

Forestry Land Use – Hybrid Poplars as Carbon Sinks

Okanese hybrid poplar

Due to the alarming increase of carbon dioxide in the environment, it is important to find ways to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, lower down the consumption as well as decreasing the carbon footprint. Remember that these steps are being observed … [Continue reading]